Why Racism?

A black man in my Twitter feed asked the question today: “why racism when the only difference is skin color?” A simple question with an answer that is paradoxically as simple as it is complex. Its root causes are simple but its manifestations in culture are not. Anyway, this ‘poem’ emerged fairly quickly from my thoughts, so here it is.

Racism is …

An Arrogance so high that it can’t see Community

An Ignorance so wide that it displaces Reality

A Fear so deep that it drowns others Dignity

A Hate whose fate is a short path to Misery

Sins against Reason that shatter Humanity

Racism is …

An Ethos alone with its own Ethnocentricity

A Philosophy born out of Self-Idolatry

A Logic that rejects Intersectionality

A System that denies all of its Casualties

Stories that conquer and erase shared Histories

says me, 3 MAY 2021

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