Dr. V begs for $$$

It is a weird thing to ask for money from people, but that’s all it is. If you want to donate and help me make a bigger deal out these things, awesome! If for any reason you don’t want to donate, awesome! I’m going to go for it anyway, but support from followers can accelerate the dream.

If you would like to support the work described below, feel free.


If you would like to help as described below, this is where you can do so. I chose $10 because it is small, but I guess you can "buy" 10 of them if you want?


STEM Evangelism

The majority of my blog posts (and soon to be vlogs) are about providing brief explanations of cutting edge Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics, or STEM stuff. One goal is to simply expand Science literacy, where as another goal involves integration with a free series of textbooks that I intend to write for Introductory Physics and Mathematics topics. This requires time and toys for production. Your help is appreciated. Hopefully, the YouTube presence will grow in a way that supports me, but that is not an easy thing to do these days.

Free Textbooks

This project begins with a 3-year working sabbatical starting in August 2020. Initially, it is writing Introductory Physics textbooks, but eventually it would include a mathematics sequence terminating with Calculus. An ambitious project for sure that will absorb a great deal of time, and time is a lot of things including money. Again, your help is appreciated, though NOT required.

Awesome Artsy Sauce

I like to write poems and song parodies, and the latter will eventually obtain in the form of music videos produced by me. More time and relatively expensive toys are required for that adventure. If you like the parodies written so far (see category by that name in the blog section) and want to see more, then donate.

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