Just WHAT are you referring to?

THE tragic failure of mathematics education in the United States is the absence of referents for the symbols that get shoved around by the seemingly mindless rules.  A more concise way to say this is mathematics is taught as though the symbols refer to themselves rather than to quantities or processes.  The Mathematician will scoff at me while the Physicist will applaud.  In Physics, we deal with quantities; whereas in Mathematics, we deal with … uh … hmmm … rules and symbols!  Yes!  Rules and symbols.

I could drone on in writing here; but I think that it will be more efficient if you watch this quick little video that I made that proves that numbers do not add.  Enjoy.


The End of Reason?

There seems to be a cultural shift towards the removal of factual distinctions, especially in terms of fundamental aspects of human nature.  The current out working of such a shift is most prominent in the evolving practice that no one has the right to tell anyone else that they are, or might be, wrong, about something.

For example, if I were to tell you that I am 77 inch tall African woman, you should wonder whether or not I am joking, or just off my rocker.  No one should chastise you for letting me know that I am just a 69 inch tall Dutch boy.  However, current societal shifts are teaching young people to withhold any disputation of factual distinctions in favor of a view that refuses to take a stand.  This is bad for everyone, including the deluded.