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The Zeroth Laws Calculators

What the heck is that? The Zeroth Laws were “created” by Dr. Rob MacDuff and Dr. Clark Vangilder in an effort to make sense of Mathematics making sense of Physics. Of course these equations predate us by centuries, but it’s more about the method of constructing them than the formulae themselves. And there was this dude named Newton who already had a substantial measure of fame for his three laws of motion numbered 1-3, so we had to step back and claim the zero. Besides, these laws are the foundation of his, so there!

The Linear Kinematics Stuff

FZL Quotient FormFZL Product FormFZL Position Update
v = \dfrac{\Delta s}{\Delta t}\Delta s = v\Delta ts = s_0 + v\Delta t
The First Zeroth Law: A change in position always requires a change in time
SZL Quotient FormSZL Product FormSZL Velocity Update
a = \dfrac{\Delta v}{\Delta t}\Delta v = a\Delta tv = v_0 + a\Delta t
The Second Zeroth Law: A change in speed always requires a change in time
ZLT AccelerationZLT Position ChangeZLT Final VelocityZLT Initial Velocity
a = \dfrac{\Bar{v}\Delta v}{\Delta s}\Delta s = \dfrac{\Bar{v}\Delta v}{a}v=\sqrt{v_0^2+2a\Delta s}v_0=\sqrt{v^2 - 2a\Delta s}
The Zeroth Law Theorem: A change in speed always requires a change in position
a\Delta s = \Bar{v}\Delta v = \dfrac{1}{2}(v^2 - v_0^2) \longrightarrow v^2 - v_0^2 = 2a\Delta s

The Roundy-Roundy (Angular) Stuff

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