The Race Relations Solution

One simple solution to race relations in America (all of our problems actually) is for everyone to act justly, love mercy, and live humbly. Doing the right thing (act justly) and loving mercy (compassion over wrath) are easy enough to understand. However, the term humility is not. Humility IS NOT how small you perceive yourselfContinue reading “The Race Relations Solution”

Shining the Light of Truth … on Your Blood?

What if I told you … that shining a laser on a blood sample could tell you whether or not your symptoms were due to a virus or a bacteria? What if this handheld biosensor could detect virus antibodies too? The simple fact that there is no need to send the test off and waitContinue reading “Shining the Light of Truth … on Your Blood?”

The Maze Runner Mask: Aerosol Death Cure

The purpose of this post is to take down the persistent misinformation that continues to spread about the efficacy of masks in preventing the spread of COVID-19, or for that matter, any respiratory virus. In other posts I provide scientific research-based support and explanations of how and why masks work in terms of how theyContinue reading “The Maze Runner Mask: Aerosol Death Cure”

YES … Cloth Masks Work Against ANY Virus

I have spent a fair amount of time here demonstrating that face masks are effective against COVID-19. I have based that claim on various studies and the flow dynamics of aerosols, or the Physics of it all. It is my opinion that said research and Physics are sufficient to warrant compliance with recommendations for universalContinue reading “YES … Cloth Masks Work Against ANY Virus”

Will Warmer Weather Wipe Out COVID?

What matter mosts, heat or humidity? The conundrum of warm versus cold weather can be untangled a bit if you consider humidity as a cofactor with heat. The short answer is that more aerosolized virus particles are in transit when it is arid and less aerosolized virus particles are in transit when it is humid.Continue reading “Will Warmer Weather Wipe Out COVID?”

COVID Risk Reduction

A systematic review and meta-analysis of how distance, masks, and eye protection reduce virus transmission was published in The Lancet on June 1, 2020. The scope of the review included 172 observational studies across 16 countries and six continents. There are three key findings involving over 25,000 participants in health-care and non-health-care settings. The AbsoluteContinue reading “COVID Risk Reduction”

This IS NOT Your Brain On Drugs!

One of the challenges facing drug makers is the eventuality of human trials. Obviously, there is some danger in that eventuality that requires a great deal of testing prior to that stage of the game. A team of researchers from both China and the USA have developed a way to 3D print cells onto aContinue reading “This IS NOT Your Brain On Drugs!”

Lite Brite Cancer Therapy

Did you know that you can wrap up misbehaving cells with attitude-adjusting nano-sheets and ‘show them the door’? Well, now you do. A team of scientists at the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Texas A&M University have created Molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) nano-sheets that become activated by a thing called Near Infrared Radiation (NIR). Here’s howContinue reading “Lite Brite Cancer Therapy”

Itsy Bitsy Micro Depot

The thought of pulling tape off of your skin is not pleasant. Imagine taping your skin with tape full of needles. Wut? Sounds worse than it is. Let me explain. Introducing the detachable hybrid microneedle depot (d-HMND). The picture above has a little white bar indicating the scale size of 3 millimeters. The itsy bitsyContinue reading “Itsy Bitsy Micro Depot”