I Can’t Get NO INTERaction

So … COVID-19 hits the scene and stuff happens. The plight of Professors forced to move everything online for the indefinite future might go something like this. My apologies to the Rolling Stones for the parody of their most excellent song otherwise known as “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”. I can’t get no INTERaction IContinue reading “I Can’t Get NO INTERaction”

Meaning | Values | Purpose

What brings meaning (significance) to life?  I would argue that the intrinsic worth of a person is the bedrock upon which significance can be objectively grounded.  By intrinsic worth, I mean the Imago Dei that we each possess because God decided to create that way.  You do not need to be a theist to appreciateContinue reading “Meaning | Values | Purpose”

Just WHAT are you referring to?

THE tragic failure of mathematics education in the United States is the absence of referents for the symbols that get shoved around by the seemingly mindless rules.  A more concise way to say this is mathematics is taught as though the symbols refer to themselves rather than to quantities or processes.  The Mathematician will scoff atContinue reading “Just WHAT are you referring to?”